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About the Fraud Hotline

The city of Anaheim is committed to ensuring accountability and integrity.

The Anaheim Fraud Hotline offers city employees, contractors, residents and others a way to report suspected fraud, waste and abuse of authority and/or position involving city resources.

The phone number and website are available around the clock, 365 days a year.

The Fraud Hotline is designed to alert us to and address any issues here at the city of Anaheim.

What to report, what not to report

Please take a moment and see information about what to report and what not to report on this page. 

The hotline is not intended for employment-related issues and concerns, which are governed and addressed by existing city policies and procedures (see “What Not to Report” below).

Disputes between private parties, say over an auto sale or other transaction, aren't within the scope of our hotline.

Nor are housing issues, problems with neighbors or police matters (though other city departments or agencies may have oversight).

If you have a suspected issue that falls within the scope of the Fraud Hotline, you can submit details through the button at the bottom of this page. 

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How to Report

Any employee, contractor or resident who suspects inappropriate activity can report it several ways, You can remain anonymous and do not need to provide your personal information unless you want to.

Here's how to report:

  • Online: fill out an online form by clicking here
  • Hotline call: call the toll-free hotline at (844) 701-5974
  • In-person: contact the city of Anaheim audit manager at (714) 765-4396

What to Report

We need details to properly investigate a complaint. Here's what we need when the alleged misconduct involves a city employee, a city contractor, or an organization doing business with the city:

  • The name of the individual(s) or group(s)
  • Specific details regarding the alleged misconduct
  • How the alleged misconduct occurred
  • Where the alleged misconduct occurred
  • The city of Anaheim department where the alleged misconduct occurred
  • When the misconduct occurred (dates and times)

Whether reporting by phone or online, you will be get a report key number and password allowing you to check back on the status of the case. 

If we need further information or documents, we may contact you through the case record. So please check back periodically on your report.

What to report

What Not to Report

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