Lobbyist's Quarterly Reports

Lobbyists/Lobbying Firms are required to file a report with the Office of the City Clerk, on a quarterly basis, disclosing any lobbying of the City of Anaheim or any regional agency in which Anaheim has a voting role, as well as report any campaign contributions made during the reporting period to the Mayor or any City Council Member.

Lobbyist Quarterly Reports

Lobbyist/Lobbying Firm20182017
Curt Pringle & Associates
N/A | Q2 | Q3 | Q4
Development Advisors, LLCQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4N/A
Faubel Public AffairsQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4Q4
George Urch & AssociatesQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4Q4
GREYCOMM, LLCQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4Q4
Smith Public AffairsQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 N/A
Urban Management StrategiesQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4Q4
Vectis Strategies, LLCQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4N/A
Whittingham Public Affairs AdvisorsQ1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4N/A

Lobbyists/Lobbying Firms
Diamond Star Associates, Inc. (Term. 06/15/18)
N/A | Q2
Lewis Consulting Group (Term. 07/09/2018)
Q1 | Q2 

*N/A: Lobbyist/Lobbying firm not a registered lobbyist with the city within reporting period
**Hyphens indicate quarterly reports that have not been filed with the Office of the City Clerk