Electrical Service Checklist - New or Upgrade Commercial/Industrial

A 10-Step Guide for New & Growing Businesses

Whether you are a new customer to Anaheim's electric system, a long-time customer moving to a new location in our community or you need to add electric capacity to your existing facility to power the growing needs of your business, Anaheim Public Utilities and Anaheim's Building Division are ready and willing to work with you to make your new service installation or upgrade go smoothly.

We have put together this 10-step guide to help bring you the power you need for permanent service or an upgrade to existing service. For temporary construction power, view this guide.

10-Step Guide

  1. Contact Customer Service at 714-765-3300 to sign-up for new electrical service and submit your electrical service drawings, (site plan, elevation plans, single line diagram and load schedules) to: Electrical Engineering Division 201 South Anaheim Boulevard Suite 701 Anaheim, California 92805. To obtain information about existing facilities, please submit a Public Utilities records request.
  2. Obtain a building permit to install new main meter panel from the city's Building Division at 714-765-5153 or download an application form from the Building Division.
  3. Contact Electrical Engineering 714-765-5156 to obtain an electrical service plan. Supporting civil structures (or substructures) are to be installed by the customer’s contractor per plans. Electrical installation to the point of service will be performed by the utility. Please note that plans generally take 2-4 weeks to generate, depending upon current backlog and complexity of the service requirements. View a sample commercial service plan.
  4. While the design process is underway, we ask that the customer provide Electrical Engineering with 4 copies of the service panel construction drawings (shop drawings) for review and approval prior to any purchase or installation. Note: electronic copies may be submitted, but must have the appropriate engineering stamp and signature by the manufacturer. Contact Electrical Engineering with any questions about Electrical Utility Service Equipment Requirements Committee (EUSERC) and other applicable standards for service panels.
  5. Customer fees for electrical service are due after obtaining a service plan from Electrical Engineering. Fees include:
    • Applicable easement processing fees
    • Engineering
    • Inspection
    • Service crew labor and materials
    A transmittal letter will be provided identifying the associated fees. View a sample letter of transmittal.
  6. The customer is to install main meter panel and substructures (conduits, transformer concrete pads, etc.) per the service plan and City of Anaheim Building Division codes and requirements. Prior to any back-filling, contact the Electric Utility Inspector as identified on the service plan to inspect.
  7. Please note that if electrical facilities (such as a transformer or switch) are installed on private property, Electrical Engineering will require a Public Utility Easement (PUE). The customer is to provide PUE documentation subject to approval by the Department of Public Works Real Property Division, including:
    • Typed legal description of PUE and engineered drawing, to be prepared, stamped and signed by a licensed land surveyor or qualified civil engineer (View a sample PUE legal description)
    • Closure calculations, if legal description is by metes and bounds
    • All documents to be submitted on 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper
    Once documents have been submitted and verified, an easement deed will be compiled and issued by Anaheim Public Works, Real Property Division for signature. View an easement deed sample.
  8. If an electrical outage is required, the customer will be required to contact Electrical Engineering 10 business days prior to service completion date for Anaheim Public Utilities to coordinate outage with affected customers. If work cannot be performed during normal business hours, then overtime fees will apply. View a sample outage notification letter.
  9. Before your service can be completed, a series of releases are required by various departments of the city. Please contact the following:
    • Building Inspector at 714-765-5153 for panel release
    • Electric Meter Shop at 714-765-6858 for meter release
    • Electric Utility Inspector at 714-765-6843 for inspection release
    • Verification of fees paid, easements received and panel drawings approved
  10. A field service crew will then be scheduled to energize the meter panel.


Electric meters are typically installed 3 to 5 days after all releases have been submitted to customer service.

Updated April 28, 2014

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