Anaheim Leadership Collection

Leadership Collection Project

The Leadership Collection is a special collection available at the Anaheim Central Library and East Anaheim Branch. The goal of the Leadership Collection is to provide books that will grow leadership competencies and cultivate leadership excellence in the City of Anaheim.

Place books on hold in the Library Catalog here or visit the collection at Anaheim Central Library 

Central Library
500 W. Broadway
Anaheim, CA 92805

Mission & Vision

The City of Anaheim strives to provide valuable leadership information and resources
to develop and empower leaders among current city employees, residents, and students.

Project History

In 2018, the Anaheim Police Department partnered with Anaheim Public Library to build
a collection of books on leadership development pertinent to public safety. It has now expanded into a city-wide partnership including the Human Resources Department
and Anaheim Unified High School District to provide valuable resources for growth
and development to leaders and aspiring leaders throughout the city.

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