Lenain Water Treatment Plant

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The Lenain Water Treatment Plant treats water that is imported from the Colorado River and stored in Anaheim’s Walnut Canyon Reservoir. Treated water from the plant serves residences and businesses throughout Anaheim, providing water supply to meet maximum day water demands. The plant includes the water treatment facilities, an operation and control center, and a water quality lab.

Just The Facts:

  • This treatment plant was originally constructed in 1968 and purifies lower cost untreated water delivered to Anaheim by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).
  • Anaheim has its own water quality laboratory stationed at Lenain that enables more than 44,000 tests to be conducted each year on water samples throughout the city to ensure we remain in compliance with federal and state water regulations. 
  • In 2021 the facility was rehabilitated to expand treatment capacity from 15 to 20 million gallons per day, upgrade aging equipment, meet current seismic requirements, replace the backup generator, and upgrade security features.

In 2021 Anaheim Public Utilities rehabilitated the Lenain Water Treatment Plant by replacing outdated equipment such as valves, electrical controls, pumps in the treatment plant, and valves in Walnut Canyon Reservoir. In addition, we retrofitted facility structures to meet current seismic codes, installed a back-up power generator, improved the access road, installed surveillance cameras, constructed new pipelines, and replaced the pavement on the boat ramp. The project also included construction of a new storage building adjacent to Walnut Canyon Reservoir to house the controls for valves and chemical feed systems.

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