Insulation & Building Projects

  1. Attic Fan (Solar/Standard)
  2. Exterior Wall Insulation
  3. High Performance Windows
  4. Window Film
  5. Fire Resistant Attic Insulation
  6. Fire Resistant Vents
Solar or standard attic fans run on sun power and pull superheated air out of your attic to be replaced by cooler outside air. This reduces the amount of work your HVAC system has to do to cool your upstairs living area, which is especially useful if you have an upstairs bonus room or bedroom that gets uncomfortably hot in summer.   

​Installation/Efficiency Criteria 

  • Solar: permanently mounted on roof or in attic
  •  Standard: permanently mounted on roof or in attic with smart thermostat

​Incentive Amount

Both: $30

Click here for guidelines and how to apply.