Orange County Vote Centers

Vote Centers mean more voting options for voters - vote centers will be open for voting and registration for up to 4 days prior to election day and voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot at any vote center throughout Orange County. Also, with this new voting model, all voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot in the mail prior to the election.
With the new election model, voters will have more options to vote early and on Election Day to match their busy schedule:

  • WAYS TO VOTE: Through the Mail (no stamp required!), Vote-By-Mail Ballot Drop Box Location, or at a Vote Center.
  • WHEN TO VOTE: Vote at ANY Vote Center location countywide beginning 4 days before Election Day. Election drop-off boxes are open for vote-by-mail ballots, 29 days before Election Day.
  • VOTE CENTERS – ONE-STOP LOCATIONS: Unlike traditional polling locations, vote centers will allow voters to not only vote, but to solve voter registration issues, register to vote, get a replacement ballot, and get general assistance for up to 4 days prior to and on Election Day. Plus, electronic check-in is more secure and speeds up the process – saving voters valuable time.

Vote Centers

In February 2019, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to change the County’s voting model from traditional polling locations to vote centers starting in 2020.  The Board of Supervisors' decision makes Orange County the seventh California county to adopt vote centers since the state legislature passed a bill to allow the new election model in 2016.

For additional information on Vote Centers in Orange County, please visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters website.