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Reopening: Anaheim Businesses

Business reopenings in Anaheim and across California are on hold as our city and state work through a summer surge in coronavirus cases.

Other than businesses already cleared to reopen, no additional businesses can reopen at this time as California pauses on issuing any new reopening guidance.

Some businesses initially cleared to reopen in June have had to scale back or close entirely with new state and county orders in July.

Those include bars, breweries and pubs without kitchens, movie theaters and some parts of family entertainment centers.

Restaurants now can only do outdoor dining and takeout service ― the limited, indoor dining allowed in June is on hold pending an update from the state.Anaheim business reflief Opens in new window

Orange County is one of many counties on the state’s monitoring list for rising coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

If we continue to see a rise in new cases, other parts of our economy could have to shut down again or wait longer to reopen.

All Anaheim businesses need to do their part by following state guidance and working to prevent the spread of cases here. 

When the time is right, Anaheim is looking to businesses to reopen as quickly and safely as possible under California’s four-stage reopening plan.

Anaheim and all of Orange County are in the early phase of stage 3 of reopening.

Here you’ll find:

  • What can reopen now, what comes next
  • General and industry reopening guidance
  • Reopening checklists to post at your businesses
  • A reopening plan template
  • A link to make Anaheim aware of your reopening plans
  • Downloadable workplace sign and floor decal designs

Below is what’s open now, what’s set for later and where we see Anaheim’s major businesses falling.

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Guidelines for Open Businesses

Anaheim is looking for businesses to reopen at their own determination, at the right time and in accordance with California guidance.

Reopening businesses and those open now need to ensure they are following state guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

You can find a general summary of California guidelines just below followedchecklist grab by industry-specific guidance.

Reopening businesses need to post a checklist indicating they’ve addressed state guidelines for reopening. You’ll find links to checklists by industry below.

Beyond that, we also provide links to reopening guidelines from the federal Centers for Disease Control and from the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

For businesses, California’s guidelines are most important as they supersede or go farther than local and federal guidelines.

Getting Ready: Reopening Plan, Checklist

Businesses reopening need a reopening plan, worksite changes and a posted checklist.

To help businesses, we have a business reopening plan template that addresses state guidelines.

You are welcome to download this template and use it as a starting point for your reopening plan.

Once you’ve completed a reopening plan, you’ll need to post a reopening checklist at your business.

Ultimately, when businesses reopen comes down to California’s reopening stages and any additional Orange County guidance.

Anaheim’s role is to help businesses understand and meet state and county reopening guidelines and to prepare for reopening when the time is right for their business.

Your business can share reopening details and plans with Anaheim through an easy online form you can access here and just below.

Plan template share with Anaheim
Reopening plan template
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Guidance summary
Guidance employer handbook
Guidance auto
Salons barbers OUTDOORS
Guidance childcare
Guidance construction
Reopening- day camps
Reopening- fitness centers, gyms
Guidance hotels
Guidance manufacturing
reopening-movie theaters
Nails personal services
Guidance offices
Reopening- outdoor recreation
Guidance real estate
Reopening - restaurant wineries bars
Guidance retail
Guidance services
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checklist auto
checklist construction
checklist hotel
checklist manufacturing
checklist offices
checklist real estate
checklist retailers
checklist salons
checklist shopping centers
checklist services
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CDC Guidance tile
OC Guidelines tile
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Sign stay 6
Sign face covering
Sign wait here
Sign one and wait
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Floor Keep 6
Floor one way
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