What is a Utility Easement?

An easement is the legal right for someone to access and control land belonging to somebody else. When termed as a utility easement, it means a utility company’s right to access and control the portion of another person’s land that is located near utility facilities and structures (i.e. utility poles, transformers, overhead or underground electrical lines).
Utility Easement

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How does a utility easement affect what I can do on my property?

Anaheim Public Utilities requires that you keep utility easement areas clear so that yourself, your neighbors, and anyone who lives, works, and plays nearby stays safe at all times. By restricting activities in and around easement areas, Anaheim Public Utilities can maintain and protect utility structures from damage, ensuring safe and reliable energy to your community.

What sort of restrictions on easement areas should I be concerned about?

In general, you should keep easement areas around electric facilities unobstructed at all times. If you are planning to remodel your home or plant a tree near a power pole, the following clearance requirements may be helpful to know:
  • A radial clearance of at least 10 feet must be maintained from the primary conductor.
  • A vertical clearance of at least 12 feet must be maintained from the primary arm of the power pole to any structure.
  • A vertical clearance of at least 8 feet must be maintained from the secondary arm of the power pole to any structure.
If you have plans to build anything near a power line, please contact Anaheim Public Utilities Electrical Engineering first to learn about all the applicable clearances and safety codes.

Where can I find all the utility easements on my property?

Most easements are recorded on the title information to your property. If your title information does not reference any utility easements and you have plans to construct something in proximity to an electrical line, power pole, or high-voltage facility, please contact Anaheim Public Utilities, Electrical Engineering.

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