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Imagine River Park

We're continuing our work on a new park in Anaheim:: River Park. The site is sandwiched between Angel Stadium parking lot and the Santa Ana River, with the Santa Ana River Trail running through the middle of it. It can be accessed from Orangewood Street to the south, or the Santa Ana River Trial from the north.

This site presents a unique opportunity to improve the existing trail and connect people to the Santa Ana River trail. 

Thank you for your input!

Thanks to community input that started in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been able to create a plan that incorporates your feedback. We've also received a $1.9 million grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to help offset costs. 

Looking ahead, we expect construction to being in 2025 and the park to open in 2026.

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River Park Project Area

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River Park Site Photo

Past Community Engagement Events:

Thank you for joining us for our most recent virtual community meetings on 10/21/2020 and 11/17/2020.  

In case you missed it - you can watch recordings of the meetings or download the presentations below. 

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Contact us:

Jose Jimenez, Parks Manager