La Palma Park

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Thank you for your input on improvements on the west side of La Palma Park!

Following is the updated plan reflecting your comments. 

We currently working on identifying funding opportunities for this project.

La Palma Park Master Plan

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Haga clic aquí para ver el plano en español.

Where is the project located?

La Palma park is located between Harbor Boulevard and Lemon Street. The project site is the area shaded in yellow on the map. 

La Palma Park Project Location Map

Why do we need it?

The vision for La Palma park is a complete revitalization: La Palma Park - Reimagined, Renewed, Remade. City staff has worked with surrounding community members and stakeholders over the past several years to find out what would make La Palma park a fun, beautiful and safe place to visit. These efforts have resulted in a Master Plan of recreation facilities and amenities for the park. 

City staff applied for the Statewide Parks Program (SPP) grant in 2019 for funds to implement the La Palma park Master Plan, and we were unsuccessful. 

We have applied for this year's final round of SPP grant funding, and will find out the results of our efforts in late summer.  

What could it look like?

Proposed amenities include: soccer fields, exercise equipment, playground, special events lawn, basketball court, open air arena, and a new restroom building. 

If these sound familiar to you, it's because they are! A couple years ago we asked for your input on how we can improve La Palma Park. We used your feedback to create the Master Plan showing the potential for this park space.

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Contact Us:

JJ Jimenez, Project Manager