Undergrounding within Wildfire Threat Zones

Under the current Anaheim Public Utilities Wildfire Mitigation Plan, there are seven remaining segments of overhead lines that are located within/adjacent to the various Fire Threat Zones. These seven segments include Martella Lane, Del Giorgio Road, Timken Road, Cooks Corner, Country Hill Road, Oak Canyon Nature Center Park near Walnut Canyon Road, and the wilderness area north of Nohl Ranch Road from Royal Oak to Anaheim Hills Road.  

Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) collaborated with Anaheim Fire & Rescue to apply for FEMA grant funding to help offset the project’s cost and accelerate the undergrounding of these lines.  The grant was approved for Anaheim to start the design and engineering phase for the undergrounding of these segments.  

The design and engineering phase is completed, and APU submitted the design package for FEMA’s review in July 2023. The construction phase will be contingent on additional FEMA grant approvals. This project will help reduce wildfire risks associated with overhead electrical lines and improve vehicle accessibility for fire and utility trucks.

The undergrounding is currently being coordinated with the affected telecommunication companies for joint trenching opportunities.

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Overall Map
Segment 1 Martella Ln
Segment 2 Del Giorgio Rd
Segment 3 Timken Rd
Segment 4 Cooks Corner
Segment 5 Country Hill
Segment 6 Oak Canyon Nature Center
Segment 7 Nohl Ranch