Clearance Letter

California Penal Code Section 13300(c)(8) enables a person to request a record clearance or “Letter of Good Conduct” for VISA, foreign travel, immigration and foreign adoption purposes. The criminal history record check will be based on the Anaheim Police Department’s records only. 

If you require your criminal history record for any other purpose, please refer to the Attorney General’s website to review the fingerprint and background checks process.  

To request a Police Clearance Letter for Visa/Travel, Immigration, and/or Foreign Adoption, please complete this form: Clearance Letter Form

Please include your valid picture ID (Driver’s License, passport, etc) and either a check made out to the City of Anaheim or receipt of payment in the amount of $23.00. 

The completed form, copy of ID, and payment can be dropped off and/or mailed to 425 S. Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805, attention Records.