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Rebuild Beach

The problems of Beach Boulevard are real, but so is the progress in our multiyear effort to Rebuild Beach.

We are working to transform 1.5 miles of Beach Boulevard in west Anaheim into an inviting, walkable and livable street with new homes, businesses and public spaces.

A lot has happened, with much more to come. 

Some of our progress, such as the demolition of motels and other blighted buildings to make way for redevelopment, are visible. But some of our work may not always be visible.

But, rest assured, we are making progress and laying the groundwork for development in the months and years to come.

The problems of Beach  human sex trafficking, drugs, blighted motels that no longer serve travelers and more were years in the making and will take years to fully address.

But the long-term answer ― redevelopment ― is underway, and progress is happening now

In the meantime, we are addressing public safety and quality of life issues on Beach every day with strict enforcement by Anaheim Police and Code Enforcement. 

Learn more by exploring all we're doing here at

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Rebuild Beach Fact sheet
Get involved

We are sharing plans and updates, meeting with the community and businesses and hosting other community events as we work to Rebuild Beach. Check back here for upcoming events.

Council workshop 2-7-23
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EnforcementAs we work on long-term solutions for Beach Boulevard, Anaheim Police and Code Enforcement are addressing issues on a daily basis.

Law enforcement is working to keep people and businesses safe and to minimize the impacts of drugs, human trafficking and prostitution, illegal gambling and other violations.

We respond to thousands of calls a year and proactively patrol Beach Boulevard.

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High Visibility Cameras

Maybe you've seen them. All along Beach Boulevard, we have installed cameras that are a second set of eyes to help address public safety concernsThe cameras flash blue, particularly at night, and are meant to be noticed as a deterrent. The cameras are monitored by Anaheim Police to help address drugs, prostitution and other challenges on Beach.

Homeless outreach
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Homelessness, housing instability and motels as housing of last resort are part of the challenge of Beach Boulevard.

Anaheim and our partner City Net have a comprehensive effort underway with daily outreach by social workers and case managers to get people connected with services and on a path toward a stable, housed life.

When it is a matter of public safety, Anaheim Police address issues on Beach that may also involve homelessness. But enforcement is only used when someone is clearly breaking the law.

The Community Care Response Team steps in when outreach, rather than enforcement, is best. The CCRT's social workers and case managers are out on Beach nearly every day, offering shelter and services to get people to a better place.

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neighborhood watch

Neighborhood Watch is a great way for neighbors around Beach Boulevard to get to know each other and work as a community to make their neighborhood a better place to live. Click above to learn more about how you can work with our crime prevention specialists to be part of Neighborhood watch.

security inspection program

Our security inspection program through the Anaheim Police Department provides guidance on lighting, landscape and other design considerations that can make homes and neighborhoods around Beach Boulevard safer. Click above to learn more about our security inspection program.

dusk to dawn lights

Dusk-to-dawn lights through Anaheim Public Utilities can enhance the visibility and security of homes near Beach Boulevard. These high-efficiency lights are available free or with a rebate with installation for those who qualify by income. Click above to learn more.

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Keeping Beach Boulevard safe takes everyone. Business Watch is network of businesses watching out for each other and reporting crime to Anaheim PoliceThe program teaches how to be observant, how to prevent crime and how to best report concerns to Anaheim Police. Click above to learn more.

security inspection businesses

Businesses along Beach Boulevard can take part in free security inspections by Anaheim PoliceInspections include a review of locks, lighting, landscaping and can identify problem areas to better protect your business. Click to the above to learn more

dusk to dawn for business

Dusk-to-dawn lights through Anaheim Public Utilities can enhance the visibility and security of businesses along Beach Boulevard. These high-efficiency lights are available free or with a rebate. Click above to learn more.

trespassing letter

Having a trespassing letter on file with Anaheim Police can help us enforce when someone is on your property who shouldn't beBusinesses along Beach Boulevard can learn more about filing a letter and how to compose one by clicking above

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The businesses of Beach Boulevard, and all of Anaheim, play a big role in making our city as great as it can be.

Our Commercial Property Standards program works with businesses to meet or exceed basic standards that create a healthy, safe and successful business environment.

We are sharing with businesses on Beach and elsewhere standards set by our municipal code, which reflect best practices and help businesses and our community.

Where necessary, Anaheim Code Enforcement will address property standards issues based on Anaheim's municipal code. But our first choice is always to work with business owners and operators to meet standards together

To see an easy-to-read visual checklist of property standards, click on the graphic just below.

You can also see more about what we're doing further below, as well as a checklist of property standards and a form to share business contacts with us.

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Storefront improvement program header
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Several businesses along Beach Boulevard are joining our effort by improving the look of their property through our storefront improvement program. 

The program offers eligible businesses the opportunity apply for one-time grants to improve the outward appearance or structure of their facades to create a better business environment for tenants, customers and the community.

Grants are awarded in two amounts. Up to $100,000 to help with structural improvements and up to $10,000 to help with cosmetic improvements.

The application period is currently closed while we review applications and meet with potential grant recipients. 

Click here for more

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Undergrounding for web


We're making and planning improvements along Beach Boulevard. One that will have a big impact on the look of the street is the undergrounding of overhead power and other utility lines.

This summer our City Council will consider investing $20 million to move lines from utility poles to underground trenches. Undergrounding results in enhanced reliability, reduced outages from weather and auto accidents and, particularly for Beach, a much improved visual streetscape.

Following City Council approval, we could see construction begin fall 2023 with completion anticipated late 2025. 


We upgraded streetlights along Beach Boulevard to brighter, energy-efficient LEDs.

Work was completed in summer 2022, resulting in a brighter streetscape with better visibility as part of our larger efforts to address public safety and redevelopment.LED before after