Public Participation at a Planning Commission Meeting


The following options are available to the public to correspond with the Planning Commission on any agenda items or matters within the jurisdiction of such governing body:


Members of the public can provide in-person comments at the podium in the Council Chamber. The City uses speaker cards that must be submitted to the Planning Commission Secretary in order to address the Planning Commission. Speakers shall refrain from profane language and other disruptive remarks or behavior which disrupts or disturbs the meeting, or risk being removed (Anaheim Municipal Code Section 1.12.017). 

There are two Public Comment periods with speakers having one opportunity to address the Planning Commission.  

  1. The first Public Comment period is for speakers wishing to speak on any matter not on the agenda. The total amount of time allocated for public comments on non-agenda items shall be limited to ten minutes. After all non-agenda item speakers have been heard, the Planning Commission will move to any scheduled Workshops or Public Hearing Items.  
  2. The second Public Comment period will be opened to those wishing to speak on a regular business or a public hearing item on the agenda when the Chairperson calls that specific item.   Public comments are limited to three minutes per speaker, unless a different time limit is announced.


Members of the public may correspond with the Planning Commission, on any agenda items or matters within their jurisdiction, by submitting comments electronically for Planning Commission consideration by sending them to To ensure distribution to the Planning Commission prior to consideration of the agenda, please submit comments prior to 1:30 p.m. the day of the meeting. Those comments, as well as any comments received after that time will be distributed to the Planning Commission, posted on the City’s website, and will be made part of the official public record of the meeting. 

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