Digging Safely

Before digging on your property or in the sidewalk / street area for your project such as a new pool in the yard or replacing your sewer pipe, you or your contractor must first call DigAlert or call 811 or 800-422-4133. DigAlert is a free service that would then contact the utility companies to mark your work area for their underground lines. This would avoid fines of up to $100,000, costly damage repairs to those lines, and significant injury.  

Please note that we will only mark our electric, water, and utility-owned fiber optics lines that we own and maintain (usually up to the meters), and will not mark any private lines, such as: lines going to fire pits, BBQs, pool heaters, spas, etc. Other utility companies including natural gas, telephone, or internet will be responsible for marking their lines.

We mark our lines using paint, chalk, flags or whiskers using a standard color code shown below. If the marks are near or through your work area, you are required by law to dig by hand, 24 inches on both sides of the actual line to know its exact location and depth before using any power equipment. 

Digging Street
Marking Street

Standard Color Code

Digging Color Key