Strengthen Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch

Strengthening and improving our neighborhoods requires involvement from each of us.  Knowing your neighbors is the key to this process. Check out this Know Your Neighbor factoid.

Why should you Know your Neighbor?

Don't underestimate the importance of getting to know your neighbors because they may be someone you can reach out to for chat or for help in an emergency. Good communication is key to building positive relationships with neighbors which helps with approaching them later to address other issues of concern. 

Tools for Communicating with Neighbors

  • Collect phone and address information via sign-up sheet to set up a phone tree. 
  • Create a private Facebook group - Facebook allows users to make private groups. Posts and other content can be controlled by the administrator.  If every neighbor has Facebook, you can create events, post messages, photos, and files.
  • Use Facebook Messenger so that everyone can comment immediately or send photos and files. You can make one group message where all topics are discussed, or you can make different conversations.
  • Create an email distribution group - works well for non-social media users. A neighbor may choose to create an internal neighborhood newsletter.  Use Next Door to create your group so that neighbors can be notified about issues of safety or upcoming events. 

Plan a Neighborhood Event - Start a New Tradition!

Getting to know your neighbors helps create a sense of community. When you have come together to define the boundaries of your neighborhood, work on hosting a neighborhood event. Here are some ideas from your Neighborhood Services team:

Scheduling frequent neighborhood walks not only allows you to catch up with each other about your respective lives but is also a source of healthy exercise.  Strategically, these walks will help neighbors identify non functioning streetlights, damaged or uplifted sidewalks, missing or bent street signs, or areas that repeatedly experience graffiti or illegal dumping. Using the My Anaheim application on your smartphone, you can take pictures and provide location information for items that require the city's attention.  This creates a record of what you are reporting and assists you with maintaining the livability of your neighborhoods. 

Our residents are welcome to contact their Neighborhood Services Coordinator and invite that person to a scheduled neighborhood walk.  This way you and your neighbors can learn more about what the city can do to resolve the identified issues but also learn about your local city government and how to get involved.