Kristine M. Gaa, Property Development Consultant

Kristine Gaa

Ms. Kristine M. Gaa has over 19 years of high-level experience in Communications and Business Development.   She has extensive experience with local, state, and federal grant and funding use.   Ms. Gaa brings her strength in property analysis, project management, and program administration to the City’s Economic Development Department for real estate and business development projects as needed.  She is well-versed in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, with experience in multi-media document creation, and website creation. Ms. Gaa has excellent analytical, interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills (written and verbal).

She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State University, Pomona in Urban and Regional Planning.

Contact information:

Phone: (714) 765-5100 Ext. 4786