Anaheim Canyon

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Anaheim is renowned for its tourism industry through the Disneyland Resort, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the Anaheim Convention Center.  However, Anaheim also has the longest contiguous area for industry and technology in all of Orange County. The Anaheim Canyon area is one of the leading industrial centers in California. Its strategic location provides access to four freeways and a commuter rail. 

The City of Anaheim is determined to protect and enhance the area’s economic vitality by fostering a positive business climate. The City has reduced and streamlined various regulations affecting development and businesses in Anaheim Canyon. In addition, public areas have become a focus of improvements, such as new sidewalks, landscaping, and roadways. The City of Anaheim’s Economic Development Department is currently installing new signage to further highlight and enhance the Anaheim Canyon.

The Economic Development Department is proud to serve Anaheim businesses through:

  1. Site Selection Assistance;
  2. Business Concierge Services; 
  3. Business Matchmaking;
  4. And more.
6.2 Anaheim Canyon Train Station
6.1 Anaheim Canyon Monument Signage