Residential Rates

Did you know that the time of day in which you charge your electric vehicle (EV) can impact your electricity bill? Energy used during peak demand is the most expensive time for Anaheim Public Utilities to buy energy, because that's when most people get home from work or school and use electricity. Simple habit changes can help you reduce costs, and so can the right rate plan. 
 So, when should you charge your EV?
The best time to charge your EV is during off-peak hours, around the time when you go to sleep, because it helps reduce stress on the electric grid system. 

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Which rate plan should I choose? The Standard Domestic Rate Plan or the Time-of-Use Rate Plan?

Most homes today are on the Standard Domestic Rate plan. Since the average home uses 29 kWh in a day, the average home in Anaheim spends 19.74 ¢ per kWh. That means charging your EV will cost 19.74¢ per kWh.

The Time-Of-Use Rate Plan can help you lower costs if you use electricity during off-peak times of the day. If you charge your EV after 9 pm, throughout the morning and up to 3:00 pm, a Time-Of-Use rate plan can help you save money, since costs range between 9.95¢ - 13.85¢ per kWh used during this time.

By making a small change to when you charge your EV, you can save costs with a Time-of-Use rate plan.

Currently, you are most likely on the on this rate. On this rate, the time of day during which you use electricity is NOT a rate factor. However, the more electricity you use past your lifeline daily allowance of 10 kWh, the more your utility bill will increase. This rate applies to the usage of your entire home, with no separate meter (notes for multifamily properties in the link).

Learn more about Domestic Rate here.

Monthly Charge$5.00
First 10 kWh per day, basic residential lifeline service allowance, per kWh12.00 ¢ 
Plus lifeline all kWh for medical allowance, per kWh12.00 ¢ 
Plus non-lifeline usage: All kWh in excess of the above, per kWh19.74 ¢