Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting - Multifamily Commercial 

Multifamily Commercial customers can receive free high-efficiency LED fixtures installed:

  • Up to 10 replacement LED light fixtures installed
  • Up to a maximum of $7,000 per account holder
  • Installation location must have existing operating light(s) present
These lights with photo sensors will automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn. LED light fixtures have a longer life span and higher efficiency than previous bulb types. For large facilities, the long life span of the LEDs can significantly reduce maintenance costs. The high-efficiency bulbs also use over 70 percent less energy than standard fixtures, while providing a similar level of light output.
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How the Program Works

  1. Contact us at 714-765-4124 to schedule an appointment.
  2. We will perform a customized lighting survey to determine types, quantity and placement of light fixtures needed at your site. Lighting needs will determine how many fixtures will be given (maximum of 10 light fixtures per customer).
  3. When fixtures are received, you will be asked to sign an agreement noting the terms of the program (see program criteria section below).
  4. Installations are subject to an inspection.

Program Criteria

  • Participants must be Anaheim Public Utilities electric customers with current and non-delinquent accounts.
  • Lights must be on all hours of darkness as regulated by the light's photocell, and must be maintained and used for a minimum of five years from installation.
  • Participant must be the owner or legal representative of the property receiving the light fixture.
  • Customer must permit inspection of the installed fixture(s) by an Anaheim Public Utilities representative.
  • Program is subject to available funding.
  • Participation is subject to Anaheim Public Utilities review and approval.

Providing Your Own Lights?

Visit our Lighting Incentives page to see if you qualify for a rebate.

For more information, please call 714-765-4124.