Why ADUheim? Because ADUs are welcome in Anaheim! 

Here, you will find helpful information on the standard Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) review process, pre-approved ADU plans, and ADU Express, which allows qualified single-family properties to complete the ADU review process within 1-3 days! 

What is an ADU? What is a JADU?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or “ADU”, is a residential dwelling unit that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. The ADU may be detached or attached and must be located on a lot with a proposed or existing primary residence. The provisions for an ADU can be found in  Anaheim Municipal Code Section 18.38.015

A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit, or “JADU”, is similar in many ways to an ADU; however, a JADU must be built within an existing single-family residence. There are additional regulations for JADUs, such as the requirement for a deed restriction for owner-occupancy. As with the ADU requirements, JADU provisions can be found in  Anaheim Municipal Code Section 18.38.015

How do I develop an ADU in Anaheim?

There are three ways in which ADUs can be approved in the City of Anaheim. 

1. Standard ADU/JADU Submittal and Review Process 

A majority of ADUs and JADUs in the City of Anaheim are submitted and reviewed through our standard building review process. Through this process, a property owner or applicant will work with a design professional (Licensed Architect, Licensed Engineer, and/or designer), to prepare plans to build their custom ADU or JADU. Those licensed individuals will assist property owners in navigating through the building permit process. For additional information on the building permit process or to contact the Building Division, visit

Have any questions on this process? If so, please email and we will work to address your questions. 

2. ADU Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue 

ADU plans that have already been reviewed and approved by the City of Anaheim are available for local property owners. Additional options will continue to be made available. Visit the ADU Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page to review the different plan options. 

Some of the pre-approved plans may still require a property owner to work with a design professional to finalize the plan set for a full submittal to the City (for example: site plan, Title 24, structural details, soils report). Each ADU plan set on the ADU Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page will note any additional reports or documents required for a full submittal. 

Pre-approved plans may be used in the standard review process. Visit for more information on these submittal requirements. 

Have more questions on how to use the ADU Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page? Email us at , and we will work to address your questions. 

3. ADU Express 

Anaheim has developed a new program called ADU Express which expedites the ADU approval process. ADU Express allows homeowners to select one of the pre-approved detached ADUs in the ADU Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page and then enter into an accelerated review. ADU Express is only available for certain qualified single-family properties.

To determine if your property is eligible for ADU Express, please use the  ADU Express Eligibility Tool and enter your address. It will tell you if you are eligible for the program and next steps either way. If you are eligible, go to Step 2 on the ADU Express Plan Review & Permit Process page

If you have any questions regarding the results of the ADU Express Eligibility Tool or the ADU Express program in general, please email Our staff will work to address your questions.