Customer Owned Solar Energy

Solar energy rebates

Are you thinking about going solar? Installing solar is an investment in your home and the environment. Here are a few helpful links regarding solar that can help you decide if solar is right for you!

Notification of Rebate Program Closure

Thank you for your interest in Anaheim’s Solar Incentive Program. As of October 1, 2015, Anaheim’s Solar Incentives Program has been fully subscribed and will no longer be accepting applications for the Program. We are pleased to report that we have met our state legislative goal in solar incentives since Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, was signed by the Governor in 2006. From this program, over 2,000 solar energy systems totaling about 20 megawatts will be built throughout Anaheim by the end of 2016. These systems will produce enough energy to power almost 7,000 homes in Anaheim and reduce 2,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. While our Solar Incentive Program has closed, customers will still be eligible to participate in our Net-Metering Program for those interested in installing solar. Below you will find information and links to help you make an educated decision on whether solar is right for you!
Anaheim Public Utilities does not endorse or pre-approve any solar contractors or their qualifications; therefore, any such representation by a solar contractor is FALSE. It is important for every customer considering a solar contractor to thoroughly investigate that contractor's credentials. Please let us know if any solar contractor has claimed to be “endorsed” or “pre-approved” in any discussions you may have.
House with solar panels on its roof
Value of Customer's Energy Credit in Cash Form

Must Switch to Cash Election by Completing Surplus Energy Compensation Election Form
Customer Receives Mailed Check Annually in July

Banked Energy Credit Balance Shown on Your Bill (kWhrs):
Cash Out Value ($):

Annual Cash Compensation (ACC)

Net Metering customers who have selected annual cash compensation for excess energy produced will be compensated at the Annual Cash Compensation rate below.  

Update:  ACC = $0.0759 per kWh (7/1/19 - 6/30/20)

For additional information on how this is calculated.