Multi-Family Property Owner Programs

Anaheim Public Utilities offers programs designed for multi-family property owners to enhance their building's energy efficiency and security while promoting public safety through well-lit areas during the night.

Multi-family property owners are eligible to receive complimentary high-efficiency LED exterior fixtures, improving both energy efficiency, and public safety.

Benefits of implementing LED Dusk-to-Dawn fixtures:

  • Receive a maximum of 10 wall-pack fixtures
  • Fixtures equipped with photocell controls. 
  • Consume over 70 percent less energy
  • Increased lightning output and reduced maintenance costs

Program Criteria

  • Participants must be Anaheim Public Utilities customers with good-standing accounts. 
  • Lights must be installed within 30 days of receipt.
  • Fixtures must remain illuminated throughout the entire period of darkness.   
  • Additionally, they should be consistently maintained and operational for five years from the installation date.
  • Participant must be the property owner or legal representative. 
  • The customer is required to grant permission for an Anaheim Public Utilities representative to carry out an inspection focused solely on the installed fixture(s)
  • Your account is subject to approval from Anaheim Public Utilities, contingent upon the availability of funding

Program Enrollment:

  • Schedule your lighting assessment by contacting our approved consultant at 714-831-0025.  
  • An Anaheim Public Utilities approved consultant will conduct a lighting assessment, evaluate fixtures' types, quantity, and optimal placement.
  • If an electrician or maintenance staff is unavailable, please complete the form to explore alternative opportunities.

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