Feed-In Tariff Program

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Feed-In Tariff Program Application
Step 1
Fill out the online application, print, and sign.

Step 2
Send the completed application and deposit to Feed-in Tariff Program Manager:
Anaheim Public Utilities
201 South Anaheim Boulevard
Suite 802
Anaheim, CA 92805
Anaheim’s City Council approved a feed-in tariff for purchased energy from eligible small-scale renewable energy resources located within Anaheim's service territory.

Standard Form Agreement

Anaheim has developed standard form agreements that set forth the terms and conditions that allow Anaheim customers and renewable resource developers to locate renewable generation facilities in Anaheim’s service territory and to sell the energy output to Anaheim. These standard form agreements offer customers and developers a new opportunity to partner with Anaheim in the development of efficient renewable generation facilities - and will help Anaheim meet its renewable energy purchase requirements identified in the Renewable Portfolio Standard adopted by the City Council.

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The standard form agreements simplify the power purchase and interconnection process for renewable energy, establishing standard rates and terms for customers and developers to interconnect into Anaheim’s distribution system and sell their power to Anaheim.

The standard form agreements are designed for facilities up to 3 megawatts in size that will be connected to Anaheim’s local distribution system. The amount of energy to be purchased from customers and developers is currently capped at 8 megawatts for Anaheim.

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