Home Water Treatment Device Need-to-Know Info

Here Are Some Things You Need to Know
Undocumented Performance Claims
Broad statements such as “removes contaminants” or “provides pure water” without certified test data to support their performance claims should be a warning sign. California law prohibits such undocumented or broad claims relating to water purifiers.

Overpriced Systems
Many of the most effective brands are also the best value, while many of the most expensive brands offer the least. In most cases, price doesn't determine value, performance does.

The California State Water Resources Control Board certification program is a good way to determine the credibility and true performance of a product. To get certification, companies must provide extensive laboratory test data for each contaminant removal claim. It also means the company's literature and packaging have been reviewed and found not to contain false, misleading or exaggerated claims.

Read Product Information
Regardless of the device you choose, you should carefully read its product information to understand what you are buying in terms of performance. Additionally, be certain to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, operation and maintenance. For example, if you improperly install or maintain a device, such as failing to periodically change a filter, you can actually cause water quality problems.

Finally, just remember that these devices are not necessary to make Anaheim’s tap water safe to drink. Therefore, when purchasing a home water treatment device, you must consider if it is worth the added expense to ensure your peace of mind and/or achieve a desired water taste.