Financial Services

The Financial Services Section supports Anaheim Fire & Rescue by processing payroll, preparing invoices for inspections and other activities, ordering supplies and equipment, and preparing the annual budget.

Managing Funds Effectively

This section is responsible for making sure that the funds provided for fire safety are properly accounted for and spent in the most cost effective way possible. The Financial Services team does this by working with the department's other divisions to ensure that Anaheim Fire & Rescue has reliable equipment and highly trained personnel to respond to emergencies.

Russell_NaharaRussell Narahara


Administrative Services Manager

Monitoring Department Budget
An important role of this section is to monitor the department's budget. This includes preparing an accurate annual budget, then watching the budget throughout the year.  If potential problem areas are discovered, plans are adjusted to meet the needs of the department without going over the budget that City Council approved.

Analysis & Research
The Financial Services Section also performs business analysis and research to identify best practices and areas for improvement. Team members work closely with other City departments to improve financial operations, and partners with other government agencies to manage large projects that reach beyond the borders of the City to improve the services provided to Anaheim residents, business owners, and visitors.