Citywide Program

On May 18, 2010, the City Council approved the Citywide Historic Preservation Plan and a list of contributors in the historic districts and a complete list of citywide historic structures. The list includes properties within Anaheim’s 4 existing historic districts as well as other properties located throughout the City.
Citywide Historic Preservation Plan Cover
Relocation & Restoration
Nearly 50 historic buildings have been moved within Anaheim by the Redevelopment Agency. These structures were moved in order to save them from demolition. Once moved, these structures were restored to their original character and charm. In certain cases, the Agency has moved a group of homes within the same timeframe in order to create a new neighborhood. In the Anaheim Colony Historic District, one neighborhood that was created is located at Lemon and Water Streets. The most recently restored property within this neighborhood is a true gem - the Kate and Ella Rea home. This Queen Anne Victorian structure, built in 1897 by John Rea, is a rare survivor of that era and a rare architectural example. The Rea home has been moved twice, and is now nestled into its new location at 129 West Stueckle Avenue.   

Commercial Building Move
Another example has been placed in the Five Points Historic District where 2 historic homes on West Center Street were moved and restored in order to make room for a historic commercial building that is now restored and occupied by a Ruby's Deluxe Restaurant.