Rent Increase Requests Procedures

Please read below and fill out form appropriately.

If you are considering requesting a rent increase, please review the following information.

Before submitting a rent increase request:
  • Print and complete the Rent Increase Request Supplement and attach it to your notice to your tenant when submitting your request to AHA. Your request can not be approved without it. If you do not attach the Rent Increase Request Form Supplement to your original notice to the tenant, there may be a delay in processing your rent increase and the effective date of your rent increase may be affected.
  • Check rental rates in your area. AHA must ensure that your rent is reasonable compared to comparable units in the immediate area. If your request will result in a rent that is higher than those in your area for a comparable unit, your request for an increase may be denied.
  • Review your recently leased rents. Ensure that you are not asking a higher rent amount than you have charged the most recently leased unassisted tenants in your building.
  • Ensure that you are providing sufficient notice. Rent increase notices must be submitted in writing to your tenant, with a copy to AHA, at least 60 days in advance of the effective date of an increase, and attached to the Rent Increase Request Supplement. Please notify your tenant and AHA at the same time of your intent to increase the rent. AHA cannot approve an increase if we do not have a proper copy of your 60-day notice to your tenant.
  • Look for a confirmation from AHA that your request has been received. You should receive a letter from AHA acknowledging your request within 2 weeks.
  • Wait for AHA approval before implementing increase. It is important to note that rent increases are not automatically approved. When you request a rent increase, AHA must conduct a rent reasonableness review. The results of the rent reasonableness review determine whether or not your request can be approved. This review generally takes an average of 30 days.
If you would like to submit a rent increase request, please download the Rent Increase Request Supplement, print the form, complete it and email. While AHA recommends that you email your rent increase request, you may also FAX it to AHA @ 714-765-4654 or mail it to:
201 South Anaheim Boulevard Suite 203
Anaheim, CA 92805

When you submit your Rent Increase Request to AHA, please include a copy of your notice to your tenant.