Apartment List

Consideration for Vacancies

To be considered for a vacancy in an affordable unit within one of the projects listed below, you must first complete an Affordable Rental Housing Interest Form.

When an owner/manager notifies us of an affordable vacancy, a notice is mailed to eligible enrollees on the list who match the criteria and are provided with the location of the project, who to contact, rent amount, and size of the unit. If you are interested in the unit, you must apply directly with the project as instructed. Property managers and owners are not required to select tenants from the interest list.

Types of Projects

There are 3 types of projects:
  • Family Projects are larger units intended for larger families in accordance with occupancy standards.
  • Senior Projects are age restricted units, either at 55 or 62 years of age, depending on the project.
  • Special Needs Projects are units targeted for individuals and families with special needs, such as those that are currently homeless, diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, or developmentally disabled.

Unit Listings