What are the official guidelines?
The City follows State policies and the California Vehicle Code. Guidelines are outlined in the California Department of Transportation Traffic Manual. Traffic control devices include signal lights, traffic signs, and paint markings. The State Manual covers all aspects of the placement, construction, and maintenance of every form of approved traffic control. The guidelines prescribe 5 basic requirements for all devices. They should:
- Fulfill a need
- Command attention
- Convey a clear simple meaning
- Command respect of road users
- Give adequate time for proper response

The State Manual emphasizes "uniformity" of traffic control devices. A uniform device conforms to the regulations for dimensions, color, wording, and graphics. The standard device should convey the same meaning at all times. Consistent use of traffic control devices protects the clarity of their messages. As stated in the State Manual, "uniformity" must also mean treating similar situations in the same way.

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1. What are the official guidelines?
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