What should the grievance include?
The grievance should be in writing and contain information about the grievance, submission date, name, address, telephone or cell phone number of grievant, location, date and description of the problem. An alternate means of filing grievances, such as personal interviews or audio recording of the grievance, will be made available for people with disabilities upon request.

Access the link for a grievance form available for your convenience.Grievance Form (PDF)

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1. Who may file a grievance?
2. When should a grievance be filed?
3. What should the grievance include?
4. What if I need assistance filling out my grievance?
5. What happens after I file my grievance?
6. When will I receive a response?
7. Should I be concerned that a city officer or employee might retaliate against me if I complain?
8. What can I do if I am not satisfied with the initial investigation by the department?
9. How long are grievances kept?