Why is Anaheim expanding the Convention Center?
Since the ACC opened its doors in 1967, it has undergone six expansions that has allowed the center to stay competitive with market demands – with each expansion resulting in significant economic benefit to the City.

Currently, the ACC has only 160,000 SF of meeting and ballroom space to compliment its 813,000 SF of exhibit space. Unfortunately, more and more conventions and trade shows require at least 200,000 SF of meeting space. According to market research reports, date unavailability and inadequate space at the ACC accounted for a significant amount of lost events and potential revenue. As a result, Anaheim is losing convention/tradeshow business to its competitors, indicating there is a strong market demand for ACC to expand.

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1. What is the expansion plan for the Anaheim Convention Center?
2. Why is Anaheim expanding the Convention Center?
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6. How do we know that increasing our flex space is the best way to grow our Convention Center?
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