Why aren’t my taxes paying for this service?
After the passage of Proposition 13 in 1974, and more recently as part of the state budget crisis, cities experienced a significant drop in revenue, which forced us to create alternate methods of revenue to offset our costs. The actual dollars received from property taxes is minimal. Providing emergency medical services is expensive. To continue providing outstanding services, high costs are associated with life-saving equipment and training. The revenue from this program helps offset some of these costs so that we can include a paramedic unit in each neighborhood.

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1. What is the Paramedic Membership Program and who is covered by the program?
2. How do I pay for the Paramedic Membership Program?
3. Are ambulance services covered by this program?
4. Why aren’t my taxes paying for this service?
5. Why does the Paramedic Membership Fee appear on my utility bill?
6. Doesn’t my insurance carrier cover emergency responses by Anaheim Fire & Rescue?
7. Am I covered by other cities’ programs if I am enrolled in Anaheim's program?
8. I have a business at one location that uses several utility meters. Do I have to pay for more than one membership?
9. I received a bill for $387, but am a member of the program. Do I still have to pay this bill?
10. How do I cancel my participation in the Paramedic Membership Program?