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City Administration

  1. AHF-2022 Volunteer Sign-Up Form
  2. Application for Appointment to Police Review Board
  3. Council Ticket Donations - Council Member Faessel
  4. Council Ticket Donations - Council Member Moreno
  5. Council Ticket Donations - Mayor Pro Tem O'Neil
  6. Military Banner Sponsors

    The Military Banner Program is supported by private donors from local residents, businesses, and organizations supporting the Anaheim... More…

  7. Request a Proclamation or Certificate
  8. Survey 8/26/2015

    Description of Survey

  9. Test
  1. Anaheim Community Canvas Art Competition
  2. Council Ticket Donations - Council Member Diaz
  3. Council Ticket Donations - Council Member Ma'ae
  4. Council Ticket Donations - Council Member Valencia
  5. Military Banner Program Application

    The City of Anaheim Military Banner Program is designed to honor active military service personnel. We recognize their service and... More…

  6. Our Next Flag program

    We're redesigning Anaheim's flag, and you can take part. We're accepting design submissions for consideration as Anaheim's next flag.... More…

  7. Restaurant Safe: employee safety gear
  8. Take it Outdoors: Restaurant Relief Grant Program
  9. Your Story

    Citizens are encouraged to share their kindness stories on this website. To share your story in writing and to read stories submitted... More…