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Request a Proclamation or Certificate

  1. Process of Requesting a Proclamation or Certificate – Please read before submitting your request:
    Requests should be submitted to the Office of the Mayor and Council at least six weeks prior to the event date. It may take up to two Council meetings before a proclamation may be presented to an organization due to the Brown Act approval requirements.  Individuals and organizations are encouraged to submit their requests as early as possible for consideration.

    Please keep in mind:

    • 1. All requests will be reviewed individually.
    • 2. The Office of the Mayor and Council, reserves the right to determine the type of document to be issued.
    • 3. The Office of the Mayor and Council reserves the right to approve or deny any request.

    Proclamations are issued for matters of local, regional or national concern and are generally issued to organizations or events residing in or occurring within the City of Anaheim. The primary reasons for issuance include:

    • 1. Recognition of an organization’s event or special action
    • 2. Recognition of extraordinary achievement

    Certificates are usually issued to individuals for outstanding achievements in the City of Anaheim.

    **** Please understand that we reserve the right to edit all text and to change the requested date if necessary

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  3. Receive by Email or at City Council Meeting
  4. A City representative will respond to the requests in the order they are received.
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