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Mayor Aitken Meeting and Event Request Form

  1. Meeting event form banner
  2. Please fill out this form to request the mayor’s attendance at a meeting. 

    The mayor receives a large number of scheduling requests each day. 

    Please allow at least five business days for a response. 

    We appreciate your patience while we review your request.

  3. Please share what you would like to discuss with Mayor Aitken, or the event details, and how they relate to the city of Anaheim.
    Please include meeting or event attendees and provide as much detail as possible and any time constraints you may have.

  4. Please provide the names of people attending the meeting or event participants. 

    For meeting requests, provide a brief background for the people attending.

  5. Meeting dates and times

    Please provide three dates and times you're available to meet.

  6. Please share a detailed meeting agenda, event program, flyer or documents related to your request.

  7. If you're requesting event participation, please tell us where the event will take place.

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