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Feed-In Tariff Program

  1. Part 1 - Introduction & Overview
    A. Applicability: This Application serves as a request for approval to participate in the City of Anaheim, Public Utilities’ (ANAHEIM) Feed-In Tariff Program (Program) and for interconnection to ANAHEIM’s electric distribution system by a Program applicant. A Standard Form Feed-In Tariff Power Purchase Agreement (FIT Agreement) and a Standard Form Feed-In Tariff Interconnection Agreement (FIT Interconnection Agreement) will be required for participants in the Program. All Program participants must be in compliance with ANAHEIM’s "Guidelines for Interconnection of Customer Generators." Capitalized terms used in this Application, and not otherwise defined herein, shall have the same meanings as defined in Anaheim's Rates, Rules and Regulation, the FIT Agreement, and FIT Interconnection Agreement. If a conflict or inconsistency arises between the applicable provisions of the Application and the FIT Agreement and/or the FIT Interconnection Agreement, the provisions of the FIT Agreement and/or FIT Interconnection Agreement shall prevail.

    This Application shall be used for owners and operators of electric generation facilities located within ANAHEIM’s service territory who wish to sell to ANAHEIM the renewable power output from a Generating Facility (eligible small-scale distributed generation resource), with capacity of not more than 3 MW.

    This Application may not be used to apply for interconnection to ANAHEIM's Transmission System. Interconnections of Generating Facilities of this type are coordinated by ANAHEIM's Integrated Resources Division and require a different process with ANAHEIM.

    B. Guidelines and Steps for Interconnection: This Application must be completed and sent to ANAHEIM along with the additional information indicated below to initiate ANAHEIM's review and authorization to interconnect the proposed Generating Facility. A Reservation Deposit (payable by check or money order to ANAHEIM) must accompany this Application. After submission of this Application, ANAHEIM may determine that a Feasibility Study is required before the Facility Interconnects to the ANAHEIM System. If this is the case, Applicants will be notified as to the cost of the Feasibility Study at which time they will be given the opportunity to continue with the process or withdraw their Application.

    The Application is required to initiate Application process. Upon acceptance, ANAHEIM will prepare a FIT Agreement and a FIT Interconnection Agreement for execution by ANAHEIM and the party that will be responsible for the Generating Facility. ANAHEIM may also require an inspection and testing of the Generating Facility and any related Interconnection Facilities prior to giving the Applicant written authorization to Interconnect. Unauthorized interconnections may be dangerous and may result in injury to persons and/or may cause damage to equipment and/or property for which an Applicant may be liable! Please note, other approvals may need to be acquired and/or other agreements may need to be entered into with ANAHEIM or other regulatory agencies, such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)prior to operating a Generating Facility. ANAHEIM's authorization to interconnect does not satisfy the need for an Applicant to acquire such other approvals.

    C. Required Documents: This Application and each of the following documents are required to be submitted. Drawings must conform to accepted engineering standards and must be legible; 11"x17" drawings are preferred.

    1. A Single-line drawing showing the electrical relationship and descriptions of the significant electrical components such as the primary switchgear, secondary switchgear, protective relays, transformers, generators, and circuit breakers. The single line diagram shall include operating voltages, capacities, and protective functions of the Generating Facility, the Customer or Developer loads, and the interconnection with ANAHEIM's Distribution System.

    2. Site plans and diagrams showing the physical relationship of the significant electrical components of the Generating Facility such as generators, transformers, primary switchgear/secondary switchgear, and control panels, the Customer or Developer loads and the interconnection with ANAHEIM's Distribution System.

    3. If new electrical equipment is proposed to be used:

    a. If transformers are used to interconnect the Generating Facility with ANAHEIM's Distribution System, please provide transformer nameplate information (voltages, capacity, winding arrangements, connections, impedance, et cetera).

    b. If a transfer switch or scheme is used to interconnect the Generating Facility with ANAHEIM's Distribution System, please provide component descriptions, capacity ratings, and a technical description of how the transfer scheme is intended to operate.

    c. If protective relays are used to control the interconnection, please provide protection diagrams or elementary drawings showing relay wiring and connections, proposed relay settings, and a description of how the protection scheme is intended to function.

    D . Submittal Instructions: The completed Application may be printed and submitted to ANAHEIM, along with the required attachments and fee, at Anaheim Public Utilities, Attention: Feed-in Tariff Program Manager, 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 802, Anaheim, CA 90805. For Questions: Call 714-765-4182.

    Applicant understands and acknowledges that ANAHEIM is a public agency subject to the requirements of the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code section 6250 et seq.). Certain identifying information about the Applicant and Generating Facility will be contained on ANAHEIM’s Public Utilities Webpage in the Current Queue Status section. Except as otherwise limited or exempted by the Public Records Act, other information and/or documents may be available to third parties.
  2. Part 2 - Applicant Information
  3. Applicant Information
    Note: Additional information may be required.
  4. B. Applicant Contact Information
    Who should be contacted for additional information, if necessary?
  5. Part 3
    Describe the generating facility and applicant's electrical facilities.
  6. B. City: Anaheim
  7. C. State: California
  8. (If applicable)
  9. (Value in KW)
  10. (%)
  11. (Value in KV)
  12. L. Expected Term of Facility
  13. (Value in Amps)
  14. (Value in Amps)
  15. Part 4 - Describe each of the generators (see instructions below).
  16. E. Generator Design
  17. (kVA)
  18. (kW)
  19. (Volts or kV)
  20. (%)
  21. J. Wiring Configuration
  22. K. 3-Phase Winding Configuration
  23. L. Neutral Grounding
  24. (Locked Rotor Current (Amps))
  25. (Amps)
  26. P. For Generators that are started as a "motor" only:
  27. Signature
  28. To Complete Application
    To complete application process please:
    1. Print
    2. Sign
    3. Include deposit amount
    4. Mail or hand deliver to:
    City of Anaheim
    Public Utilities Department
    Attention: Integrated Resources
    201 South Anaheim Boulevard
    Suite 802 (8th Floor)
    Anaheim, CA 92805
  29. Instructions for Part 4 - Describing the Generators
    A. Please indicate the number of each type of generator or inverter being installed: Please provide the following information for each generator "type." Be sure all generators classified as one "type" are identical in all respects.

    B. Generator/Inverter Manufacturer: Enter the brand name of the generator.

    C. Generator/Inverter Model: Enter the model name or number assigned by the manufacturer of the generator.

    D. Generator/Inverter Software Version: If this generator's control and or protective functions are dependent on a "software" program supplied by the manufacturer of the equipment, please provide the version or release number for the software that will be used.

    E. Generator Design: Please indicate the design of each generator. Designate "inverter" anytime an inverter is used as the interface between the generator and the electric system regardless of the primary power production/storage device used.

    F. Gross Nameplate Rating (kVA): This is the capacity value normally supplied by the manufacturer and stamped on the generator's "nameplate". This value is not required where the manufacturer provides only a "kW" rating. However, where both kVA and kW values are available, please indicate both.

    G. Gross Nameplate Rating (kW): This is the capacity value normally supplied by the manufacturer and stamped on the generator's "nameplate." This value is not required where the manufacturer provides only a "kVA" rating. However, where both kVA and kW values are available, please indicate both.

    H. Operating Voltage: This value should be the voltage rating designated by the manufacturer and used in this installation. Please indicate phase-to-phase voltages for 3-phase installations.

    I. Power Factor Rating: This value should be the nominal power factor rating designated by the manufacturer for the Generator.

    J. Wiring Configuration: Please indicate whether the generator is a single-phase or 3-phase device.

    K. 3-Phase Winding Configuration: For 3-phase generating units, please indicate the configuration of the generator's windings or inverter systems.

    L. Neutral Grounding: The connected generating units are often grounded – either through a resistor or directly, depending upon the nature of the electrical system to which the generator is connected. If the grounding method used at this facility is not listed, please attach additional descriptive information.

    M. For Synchronous Generators Only: If the generator is of a "synchronous" design, please provide the synchronous reactance, transient reactance, and sub-transient reactance values supplied by the manufacturer. This information is necessary to determine the short circuit contribution of the generator and as data to be input in load flow and short circuit computer models of ANAHEIM's Distribution System.

    N. For Induction Generators Only: If the Generator is of an "induction" design, please provide the "locked rotor current" value supplied by the manufacturer. If this value is not available, the stator resistance, stator leakage reactance, rotor resistance, rotor leakage reactance values supplied by the manufacturer may be used to determine the locked rotor current.

    O. Short Circuit Current Produced by Generator: Please indicate the current each generator can supply to a three phase fault across its output terminals. For single phase generators, please supply the phase-to-phase fault current.

    P. For Generators that are Started as a "Motor" Only:
    1. In-Rush Current
    2. Host Customer's Service Entrance Panel (Main Panel) Continuous Current Rating: This information is needed only for generators that are started by "motoring" the generator. Refer to ANAHEIM's Rates, Rules and Regulation for significance and additional information. Please indicate the continuous ampere rating of the service entrance equipment (main panel) that is used by the host customer facility.
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