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Small Business Emergency Assistance Program

  1. Anaheim Public Utilities Small Business Emergency Assistance Program (Program) provides financial assistance to small businesses and non-profit customers facing a temporary financial hardship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Eligible customers who are unable to pay the electric portion of their utility bill due to COVID-19 may receive a one-time $1,000 bill credit for electric utility assistance. Priority will be given to small businesses and non-profits that have not received any COVID-19 related City loans or grants and whose small business or non-profit has assisted in meeting community needs during the pandemic. Customers with multiple utility accounts will only be eligible to receive one electric bill credit per customer, unless otherwise approved by Anaheim Public Utilities.

  2. Emergency Assistance Program Eligibility Criteria:

    Prior to seeking Program assistance, participants must answer the following eligibility questions. Please answer the following questions:

  3. Have you experienced a business related financial hardship due to COVID-19 pandemic?*
  4. Is your Anaheim Public Utilities electric account active now?*
  5. Has your Anaheim Public Utilities Account been active for at least 12 months?*
  6. Is your electric account on a small business rate?*
    (Does your account have an average annual demand less than 200kW or billed on a non-demand rate?)
  7. Are you currently on a payment plan due to an overdue balance?*
  8. Upon receiving this assistance, will you be able to pay your utility bills on time?*
  9. Is the account you are applying for a home-based business?*
    (Please note home-based businesses using residential rates are not eligible.)
  10. Does your utility account service only the common area for a commercial complex or multi-family dwelling?*
  11. Applicant Information
  12. (found on utility bill)
  13. Are you the customer of record or listed as a responsible party on the customer account?*
  14. What is your preferred language for communication?*
  15. Type of Business:*
    Check the box(es) that apply:
  16. Type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic financial hardship:*
    Check the box(es) that apply:
  17. How did you hear about our Program?*
    Check the box(es) that apply:
  18. Important Note:*
    Prospective Small Business Emergency Assistance Program (Program) participants must be the Customer or a responsible party (must be at least 18 years of age) on the Anaheim Public Utilities electric utility account. Program funding is restricted to electric utility costs only. Depending on the volume of applications received, it may take up to fourteen (14) business days to process your Program application after the application closing date. The one-time bill credit will appear on your electric utility account. The Program is subject to available funding. Please review the application to make sure it is complete. By signing this application, you are certifying that all information you have provided is accurate and complete and that you have accurately reported your financial hardship. All statements made herein may be subject to verification. Participation in the Program is voluntary. I acknowledge that this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Small Business Emergency Assistance Program application is a public document. Failure to adhere to a payment plan(s) or for your electric account to remain in good standing may result in a revoked electric utility Program credit.
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  20. For questions, email:
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