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Sustainable Schools Award

  1. Would your school benefit from a classroom of new ENERGY STAR® laptops?
    Anaheim Public Utilities is offering a competitive award for two schools that demonstrate energy and water sustainability initiatives.

  2. Instructions to apply:

    1. Fill out the online application and provide examples of how your school is currently or planning to become more sustainable. Supporting photos may be uploaded.
    2. Optional: To receive assistance with energy and water efficiency programs that support your application, check the appropriate boxes in the Program interest form under the “Potential Resources to Support Your Application” section.
    3. Submit the online application by May 31, 2019.

  3. Application Deadline: May 31, 2019
  4. Only one application per school is allowed, and two applications per school district will be considered. If your school is selected, a release will be required to be executed to accept the award and authorize photos for use by the City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department. For more information contact Shant Boodanian at 714-765-4258 or e-mail

  5. In 500 words or less per question, describe your sustainability efforts in the following categories. Photos may be uploaded along with the application.

  6. Award Winners:
    Two Anaheim schools per year will be selected as the winners of the Sustainable Schools Award based on the following criteria (subject to available funding).

    Evaluation Criteria:
    Anaheim schools will be judged on the following criteria:

    1. Completeness (25 points): Is the application complete with details about your school’s sustainability efforts? Are the goals and objectives of the school’s program clear?
    2. Creativity (25 points): Did your school employ creative methods of educating and/or implementing sustainability strategies?
    3. Metrics (25 points): How successful were your school’s programs? Include metrics such as number of students involved, amount of energy or water saved, amount of GHG reduction, or number of trees planted.
    4. Effectiveness (25 points): What did students, staff, and/or parents learn from the programs to make long-lasting improvements to the environment and understanding of the importance of sustainability?

    The final selection of schools will be determined by the Anaheim Public Utilities Board. The winning schools will be announced at a Board meeting by September 2019, and delivery of laptops will be made by October 2019.

  7. Potential Resources to Support Your Application:
    APU has a number of sustainability programs that your school can utilize to enhance your application. Please indicate which Programs you would like an APU representative to provide more information about or assist you with determining metrics for past participation.
  8. Sustainability Programs*
    Check Interest(s)
  9. Campus Energy and Water Surveys
    A no-cost consulting service that will receive a customized on-site analysis report, which will identify opportunities to help use energy more efficiently.
    Energy Rebates and Payment Assistance
    Helps pay for energy efficient upgrades including lighting, air conditioning, or refrigeration through rebates or repayment over time on utility bills.
    Public Access Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Rebates
    Helps pay for installation costs up to $10,000 per charging station for publicly accessible EV chargers.
    TreePower Program
    Provides trees at no cost for building shading to reduce the need for air conditioning usage.
    Solar for Schools
    Installs APU-owned and maintained solar shade structures at local public schools.
    Drought Tolerant Gardens
    Provides financial assistance to install drought tolerant demonstration gardens on school campuses to educate students on the importance of water conservation using native plants instead of turf.

  10. Educational Programs*
    Check Interest(s)
  11. Water is Life Poster Contest
    An annual contest for students to showcase their artistic creativity with the message that “water is life.”
    Solar Cup (High School)
    An annual contest for High School students to create a solar powered boat to compete with various tasks. Financial sponsorship is available for participants.
    Traveling Science Labs
    A traveling scientist will come to classes and provide a hands on lab for students based on appropriate science standards.
    EnLIGHTenment (Light Bulb Fundraiser)
    An innovative fundraiser that will provides light bulbs at no cost to students to be used as a fundraiser.
    Water Cycle Field trips
    Field trips are provided to K-6th grade students to learn more about the environment based on grade appropriate science standards
    Home Sustainability Surveys
    Students take home surveys to conduct around their household to identify areas to improve water and energy efficiency. Classes with most responses receive a pizza party.
  12. For more information contact Shant Boodanian at 714-765-4258 or e-mail
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