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Mandatory Organics Self-Reporting Form - ASSEMBLY BILL 1826 (AB 1826)

  1. For more information (714) 765-6802 or (714) 238-3342
  2. Is your trash collection paid for by a Property Management Company?
  3. If Yes, Please provide the contact name and phone number of the Property Management Company:
  4. Please check the box(es) that show the status of your food waste AND landscaping waste recycling program(s)
  7. Exempt from AB1826 (exemptions are subject to City’s verification)
  8. I verify that the information reported in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge:
  9. Please note: If your property conducts organic/food waste recycling activities independently of Republic Services, the City’s trash hauler, the City is required to document and verify these programs on an annual basis, per state regulations.
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